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Parker Orthodontics

Hi guys! I’m Lindsay from Frenchie, a blog where I offer advice on decor, cooking and crafts. I have to tell you that when I was approached by Utah Smiles I was looking for an Orthodontist for my kids to start going to. I also have problems with my lower teeth since having my braces removed 15 years ago. I’ve been wanting to get a new retainer but I’ve never found someone that I’ve been very comfortable with talking about the movement of my teeth. Usually my dentist doesn’t bring it up and I’m pretty self conscious about it and it can just be covered up by my lower lip. My mind was changed when I met Dr. Parker and his staff. They were so kind and left me feeling at ease. I could bring up questions without feeling like it wasn’t relevant. They took the time to answer each and every one with thought and content that I understood and I came out of there knowing what options were going to be best for me.

When I arrived at the office, it was a Wednesday afternoon. They had an immaculately clean waiting room with cookies and a game room and best of all, Catching Fire was playing. Yes, I am a 30 year old geek totally into The Hunger Games trilogy but I  couldn’t resist sitting down for a few minutes and watching Katniss kick some butt. They had tunes going and everyone there seem to really like it. I was taken back and my X-rays were taken. They have high-tech equipment and everything was uploaded to the computer so that they could just print it off and show me easily what needed to be worked on. While you’re laying there you can still catch up on your Catching Fire, you don’t have to leave it behind!

For me they recommended Invisalign. You have two choices when you get the imprints of your teeth. You can do a wet impression or they have a laser impression which is the most accurate. When they received the laser a year ago, they were 1 of 8 in the nation to have this technology. After the impressions, you get your packs of each tray and man, are they sturdy! I always thought they were flimsy but when I held them, they were so strong. They look extremely comfortable, but of course you’ll get that bit of tension cause your teeth are moving. There are no rough edges. The best part is that they offer financing! You have the option to do in-office interest free financing or you can do the Invisalign Care Credit.

I really have to say that after meeting Dr. Parker and his staff that I have found the right choice for myself and my family for Orthodontia care. His credentials are above and beyond those I’ve seen before and his knowledge is outstanding.

My son is 8, almost 9 and he’s in need of his first consult which that will be happening ASAP. My daughter has an awful underbite which will most likely need surgery by the time she’s 20 and preventative care up until then. They answered so many of these questions that I had regarding my children and their weird teeth (my 6 year old, when he was one  took a razor scooter around and knocked out his front tooth.) I mean, how much bad luck can a family have with teeth?? We’re only 8 years into this thing! I can’t thank them enough for all their help and for their generosity. I definitely recommend giving Utah Smiles a call and setting up a consultation and see how wonderful their office is!

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