Famous stars braces quiz

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Ever wonder how your favorite movie stars get their teeth to look so great?  Most of them choose to use wire and bracket braces!  Can you figure out which famous names these braces belong to?

A. Beyonce
B. Justin Bieber
C. Tom Cruise
D. Faith Hill
E. Dakota Fanning
F. Emma Watson
G. Miley Cyrus
H. Katy Perry
I. Gwen Stefani

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While some of these pictures are from years ago, many of them are recent.  Hollywood’s finest aren’t afraid to straighten out their smile no matter what age they are! The average person needs about 24 months in braces to get their teeth as perfect as possible. Want to get your teeth looking like a stars?  Give our office a call! We would love to assist you in getting your smile to shine!

1. C- Tom Cruise
2. G- Miley Cyrus
3. D- Faith Hill
4. I- Gwen Stefani
5. F- Emma Watson
6. B- Justin Bieber
7. E- Dakota Fanning
8. H- Katy Perry
9. A- Beyonce

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