Product Features: Acceledent and PROPEL

Posted: 04/01/15 by

Orthodontic technology has advanced rapidly and new, more efficient ways to correcting misalignments in the mouth are always in development. Two exciting products that are making orthodontic treatment more effective are Acceledent and Propel. Both of these products work to accelerate teeth movement and alignment to make the orthodontic treatment process overall more smooth. Here’s a closer look at each of these technologies.


This product is a mouthpiece that utilizes SoftPulse technology to help accelerate the movement of teeth as recommended by an orthodontist. This technology works by applying calibrated micropulses to gently accelerate teeth movement. The philosophy behind this technology is the remodeling of the bones surrounding your teeth. As this process is accelerated, your teeth move more quickly. This technology is truly changing orthodontic treatment.

The Acceledent treatment is FDA approved and has been prescribed to thousands of patients, and is available by prescription from your orthodontist.


Another orthodontic product meant to accelerate orthodontic treatment is PROPEL. This is a three step procedure that also works on bone remodeling, like Acceledent. This system can be used in conjunction with treatments like Invisalign or brackets and wires to accelerate treatment even more.

PROPEL treatments can correct problems like spacing, crowding, open bite, and cross bite in less time than traditional orthodontic treatments–up to 60% in some cases. There are a lot of factors determining the length of orthodontic treatment, but treatments that can reduce the potential length of time a patient must spend undergoing treatment are often better for everyone.