Wisdom Teeth Bothering You?

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Wisdom Teeth, also called “third molars” are the teeth at the very back of the mouth that are often troublesome. They typically emerge in adults between the ages of 17 and 25 though they can erupt before or after those ages.

Because of the way that the human jaw has changed over time, there isn’t always enough room in the mouth to accommodate for the third set of molars. Because of this, they can become impacted. That simply means that there isn’t sufficient space for the tooth to break through the gum all of the way.

When a tooth becomes impacted or trapped inside the gum, it can turn sideways and put pressure on other teeth which can cause damage and lead to infection.
Most dental professionals advocate for the extraction or removal of wisdom teeth, because they are very prone to infection even when they grow in correctly, because of the location in the mouth.
Symptoms of impacted or infected wisdom teeth:

  • stiffness in the jaw near the site of wisdom teeth
  • tender gum tissue near the third molar
  • tenderness in the jaw
  • irritation of the tissue in the back of the mouth
  • swelling
  • visible abscesses or cavities
    Typically surgical removal is needed when:

    • an infection develops in the tooth, or the gum tissue near/around the tooth
    • cavities develop that cannot be restored
    • cysts or abscesses form
    • the tooth is impacted
    • damage is being caused to other teethNo one likes tooth pain, especially when it cause such great problems in other parts of your body. Bacteria from severe infections can travel through your bloodstream and cause problems in other vital organs such as the kidneys, liver, heart, lungs and even your bones.

Do yourself a favor and don’t ignore dental pain, and if you experience any symptoms associated with impacted or infected wisdom teeth contact Parker Orthodontics today!

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