Wisdom Teeth, also called “third molars” are the teeth at the very back of the mouth that are often troublesome. They typically emerge in adults between the ages of 17 and 25 though they can erupt before or after those ages. Because of the way that the human jaw has changed over time, there…

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When it comes to a beautiful smile, no one wants to think about having to wear clunky, uncomfortable metal braces. Fortunately, you don’t have to! When it comes to the advantages of Invisalign invisible braces, it seems like they’re never ending. It’s all about the three c’s, comfort, convenience, and confidence. While dental health is…


Orthodontic technology has advanced rapidly and new, more efficient ways to correcting misalignments in the mouth are always in development. Two exciting products that are making orthodontic treatment more effective are Acceledent and Propel. Both of these products work to accelerate teeth movement and alignment to make the orthodontic treatment process overall more smooth. Here’s…


Your braces are very strong. They are designed to stay on your teeth the entire time of your orthodontic treatment. By following some simple guidelines, you can minimize breakage and maximize treatment, but still a balanced diet with foods you enjoy.

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Are you having doubts or wondering if getting braces or Invisalign is worth it?  Many people wonder if braces are really necessary.  Consult with your dentist on whether braces would be something that would be a benefit for you. Below you will find 4 benefits that can be contributed to braces. 1. Cosmetic. For most…

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